Controlled Doping of GeV and SnV Color Centers in Diamond Using Chemical Vapor Deposition.

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ACS applied materials & interfaces, 2020, 12, (26), pp. 29700-29705
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Group IV color centers in diamond (Si, Ge, Sn, and Pb) have recently emerged as promising candidates for realization of scalable quantum photonics. However, their synthesis in nanoscale diamond is still in its infancy. In this work we demonstrate controlled synthesis of selected group IV defects (Ge and Sn) into nanodiamonds and nanoscale single crystal diamond membranes by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition. We take advantage of inorganic salts to prepare the chemical precursors that contain the required ions that are then incorporated into the growing diamond. Photoluminescence measurements confirm that the selected group IV emitters are present in the diamond without degrading its structural quality. Our results are important to expand the versatile synthesis of color centers in diamond.
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