Analysis of field experiments by least-squares smoothing

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Journal of The Royal Statistical Society Series B-methodological, 1985, 47 (2), pp. 299 - 315
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Assuminga smooth trendp lus independente rrorm odel fort he environmentael ffects in the yields of a fieldp lot experiment,le ast squares smoothingm ethodsa re developed to estimate both the treatmente ffectsa nd the unknown trend. Treatmente stimates are closely related to those resultingf roma generalizedl east squares analysisi n which the covariance structuref or the environmentael ffectsh as a particularf orm.H owever, the main emphases are on the accuracy of treatmente stimatesu nder a fixed smooth trend plus error model and the exploratory power of the basic method to isolate trende ffectso f unknownf orm. Althought he detailed developmenti s for the one-dimensionalc ase, generalizations of the smoothness concept and extensions to two dimensions are also discussed. Application of the basic method is illustrated on three data sets and the results compared with other analyses.
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