Misincorporation Proteomics Technologies: A Review.

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Journal Article
Proteomes, 2021, 9, (1), pp. 1-20
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Proteinopathies are diseases caused by factors that affect proteoform conformation. As such, a prevalent hypothesis is that the misincorporation of noncanonical amino acids into a proteoform results in detrimental structures. However, this hypothesis is missing proteomic evidence, specifically the detection of a noncanonical amino acid in a peptide sequence. This review aims to outline the current state of technology that can be used to investigate mistranslations and misincorporations whilst framing the pursuit as Misincorporation Proteomics (MiP). The current availability of technologies explored herein is mass spectrometry, sample enrichment/preparation, data analysis techniques, and the hyphenation of approaches. While many of these technologies show potential, our review reveals a need for further development and refinement of approaches is still required.
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