The Moodoo Library: Quantitative Metrics to Model How Teachers Make Use of the Classroom Space by Analysing Indoor Positioning Traces (Extended Abstract)

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Proceedings of the Thirtieth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2021, pp. 4799-4803
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Teachers’ spatial behaviours in the classroom can strongly influence students’ engagement, motivation and other behaviours that shape their learning. However, classroom teaching behav-iour is ephemeral, and has largely remained opaque to computational analysis. This paper presents a library called ‘Moodoo’ that can serve to automatically model how teachers make use of the classroom space by analysing indoor positioning traces. The system automatically ex-tracts spatial metrics (e.g. teacher-student ratios, frequency of visits to students’ personal spaces, presence in classroom spaces of interest, index of dispersion and entropy), mapping from the teachers’ low-level positioning data to higher-order spatial constructs.
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