A Novel Method for Creating a Synthetic L-DOPA Proteome and In Vitro Evidence of Incorporation

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Journal Article
Proteomes, 2021, 9, (2), pp. 1-15
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Proteinopathies are protein misfolding diseases that have an underlying factor that affects the conformation of proteoforms. A factor hypothesised to play a role in these diseases is the incorporation of non-protein amino acids into proteins, with a key example being the therapeutic drug levodopa. The presence of levodopa as a protein constituent has been explored in several studies, but it has not been examined in a global proteomic manner. This paper provides a proof-of-concept method for enzymatically creating levodopa-containing proteins using the enzyme tyrosinase and provides spectral evidence of in vitro incorporation in addition to the induction of the unfolded protein response due to levodopa
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