Spray pyrolysis technique for fabrication of nano-sized spherical agglomerated oxide powders for batteries

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Journal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials, 2003, 15-16 pp. 325 - 330
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Application of the spray pyrolysis technique to in-situ fabrication of nano-featured spherical oxide materials has been explored in this paper. Two different nano-featured single-phase materials for battery use, namely LiCoO 2 and PbO, were successfully prepared in spherical form. The diameters of the spheres are in the range of a few microns, generally 1-10 microns, and there is a narrow Gaussian particle size distribution. The diameter size can be controlled by the size of the spray nozzle and the concentration of the solution. The spherical agglomerates appear to consist of nano-particles, each one with dimensions of 20-50 nm. The specific surface areas of these materials are several times higher than for the corresponding commercially available powders. The stoichiometry of the LiCoO 2 powders thus obtained was controlled by the ICP technique in order to achieve the desired Li:Co = 1:1 ratio in the sintered materials. The materials prepared by the spray pyrolysis technique appear to be promising for battery use.
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