Site-specific substitution (Q172R) in the VP1 protein of FMDV isolates collected from asymptomatic carrier ruminants in Vietnam

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Journal Article
Virology Reports, 2016, 6, pp. 90-96
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The epidemiological significance of asymptomatic persistent foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) infection in carrier animals, specifically its ability to seed new clinical outbreaks, is undetermined, and consistent viral determinants of FMDV persistence have not been identified. We analyzed 114 FMDV O/ME-SA/PanAsia VP1 sequences from naturally infected animals in Vietnam, of which 31 were obtained from persistently infected carrier animals. A site-specific substitution was identified at VP1 residue 172 where arginine was present in all 31 of the carrier-associated viruses, whereas outbreak viruses typically contained glutamine. Additionally, we characterized multiple viruses from a single persistently infected animal that were collected over the course of eight months and at multiple distinct anatomic sites (larynx, dorsal soft palate and dorsal nasopharynx). This work sheds new light on naturally occurring viral mutations within the host and provides a basis for understanding the viral evolution and persistence mechanisms of FMDV.
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