Quantum emitters in 2D materials: Emitter engineering, photophysics, and integration in photonic nanostructures

American Institute of Physics
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Journal Article
Applied Physics Reviews, 2022, 9, (1), pp. 1-18
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Quantum emitters have become a vital tool for both fundamental science and emerging technologies. In recent years, the focus in the field has shifted to exploration and identification of new quantum systems enabled by the emerging library of atomically thin, two dimensional materials. In this review, we highlight the current state of the art in engineering of quantum emitters in 2D systems, with an emphasis on transition metal di-chalcogenides (TMDCs) and hexagonal boron nitride. We start by reviewing progress in TMDCs, with focus on emitter engineering, ability to tune their spectral properties, and observation of interlayer excitons. We then discuss emitters in hBN and focus on emitters' origin, engineering, and emerging phenomena - spanning super-resolution imaging and optical spin readout. We summarize by discussing practical advances of integration of emitters in 2D hosts with plasmonic and dielectric photonic cavities, underpinned by quantum light-matter interactions. We conclude by outlining pathways for practical on-chip quantum photonics applications and highlight challenges and opportunities within this field of research.
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