Laboratory demonstration for model predictive multivariable control with a coupled drive system

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Conference Proceeding
11th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision, ICARCV 2010, 2010, pp. 762 - 767
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Teaching multivariable control usually involves a certain level of mathematical sophistication and hence requires some labaratorial exemplification of the material given in formal lectures. This paper reports on a hands-on approach to multivariable control education via the implementation of a model predictive controller on a two-input, two output coupled drive apparatus. This scaled-down system represents many industrial processes while provides an excellent set-up for demonstrating the cross-coupled effects in multi-input multi-output systems. Here, a model predictive controller (MPC) is developed and implemented on the basis of a constrained optimization problem to show control performance via the belt tension and velocity outputs, demonstrate the decoupling capability, and also illustrate such issues as control input saturation, the selection of operating point, reference inputs, and system robustness to external disturbance and varying parameters. The implementation is based on Labview and MATLAB Model Predictive Control Toolbox. ©2010 IEEE. Model predictive Control.
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