Ocean acidification: A prognosis and treatment for this eclipsing issue in marine ecotoxicology

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Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, 2009, 5 (13), pp. 173 - 181
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In the face of the near-future loss of significant calcified ecosystems (e.g., corals) and valuable commercial shellfish species, should ecotoxicologists continue to study, for example, the nuances of using bivalves for monitoring, when in the near future those bivalves won't be able to adequately grow shells? Reducing Uncertainty in Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA): Clearly Defining Acute and Chronic Toxicity Tests, by Torsten Hahn, Jenny Stauber, Stuart Dobson, Paul Howe, Janet Kielhorn, Gustav Koennecker, Jerry Diamond, Chris Lee-Steere, Uwe Schneider, Yoshio Sugaya, Ken Taylor, Rick Van Dam, and Inge Mangelsdorf. An international comparison of ecological hazard-assessment methodologies for aquatic systems indicates that a key factor explaining why different hazard ratings are derived by different investigators using the same data is the decision about whether those data are acute or chronic.
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