Synthesis and electrochemical performance of LiMn <inf>x</inf>Fe <inf>x-1</inf>PO <inf>4</inf>/C cathode material for lithium secondary batteries

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Metals and Materials International, 2011, 17 (5), pp. 817 - 821
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Carbon-coated LiMn 0.8Fe 0.2PO 4/C (C = 5 wt.%, 10 wt.%, 15 wt.%, and 20 wt.%) cathode material is synthesized using a solid-state method. No impurity is found within the synthesized active material, which is confirmed to have an olivine structure with particle sizes in the range of 100 nm to 200 nm. The LiMn 0.8Fe 0.2PO 4/ C (C = 10 wt.%) active material shows an outstanding discharge capacity of 121.7 mAh·g -1, along with a high capacity maintenance rate of 87.9 % at 2 C against the 0.2 C rate. In addition, this sample shows the most outstanding discharge capacity and coulombic efficiency in the cycling performance tests. © KIM and Springer.
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