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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Investigating the role of a manager as a facilitator of ongoing informal work related learningCarter, RJH
2009Investigating the state of requirements elicitation in ThailandChaiyabute, S
2014Investigating the use of simulations in enhancing clinical judgement of students to practice as registered nursesKelly, MA
2019Investigating undergraduate nurse responses to simulated interruptions during medication administration : a qualitative multi-method studyHayes, Carolyn Jean
2013An investigation into adult learners' experiences of developing distributed learning networks with self-publishing technologiesBartlett-Bragg, AE
2007Investigation into clay-based consolidants for conservation of 'yellow block sandstones' in Sydney's heritage buildingsIp, Kin Hong
2012Investigation into dynamics of a rolling body-bearing-support system in a cold rolling standKim, YS
2007An investigation into the cycle and prediction of organisation facility management procurementLuciani, PJ
2004Investigation into the design of broadband singly-fed electromagnetically coupled patch (EMCP) antenna elements and arrays for circular polarisationChung, KL
2006Investigation into the design of ultra-wideband (UWB) and multi-band antennasQiu, X
2012Investigation into the ductile and damping behaviour of concrete incorporating waste tyre rubberSharifi, N
2009An investigation into the dynamics of vehicles with hydraulically interconnected suspensionsSmith, WA
2015Investigation into the effects of electron-beam irradiation on III-nitride based LED devicesLockrey, MN
2002An investigation into the erodibility of earth wall unitsHeathcote, Kevan Aubrey
2011An investigation into the recovery of ignitable liquid residues from entomological samples using solid-phase microextractionMingari, L
2016An investigation into the roll control of vehicles with hydraulically interconnected suspensionsZhu, Sangzhi
2009An investigation into trust and its effect on teamsBhatti, MA
2016Investigation into two-sided windcatchers used for room ventilationNiktash, Amirreza
2014Investigation of a proposed long span timber floor for non-residential applicationsZabihi, Z
2017Investigation of adaptive base isolation system utilising magnetorheological elastomerGu, Xiaoyu