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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Qualitative constraint satisfaction problems : algorithms, computational complexity, and extended frameworkLiu, W
2017Qualitative spatial and temporal representation and reasoning : efficiency in time and spaceLong, Zhiguo
2002The qualities of primary art teachersBamford, Anne Kathleen
2010The quality of accruals and earnings : the role of components of accrual estimation errorsAbdo, N
2013Quality of care in maternal health : childbirth practices of public and private skilled birth attendants and a quality improvement system in CambodiaIth, P
2015Quality of Service (QoS) in 4G wireless networksFurqan, F
2018Quantification and distribution of genuinely nonlocal resourcesSu, Zhaofeng
2019Quantum computation and combinatorial structuresMann, Ryan Lee
2018Quantum emission from hexagonal boron nitrideTran, Trong Toan
2018Quantum emitters for sensing and sub-diffraction imagingKianinia, Mehran
2015Quantum entanglement transformations via local operations and classical communicationGuo, C
2005Queer cinema as a fifth cinema in South Africa and AustraliaPeach, R
2014Queering archives : the practices of zinesLymn, JA
2007Questioned documents : forensic technical aspectsMazzella, WD
2018Queue-aware performance optimization of heterogeneous networksKong, Fancheng
2017A quintessential global product : bentwood furniture in Canada and Australia 1860 to 1945Wright, Virginia Margaret
2015Radiation damage effects within materialsDavis, Joel
2015Radio and social transformation in ChinaLei, Wei
2005Raman spectroscopy for the forensic examination of reactively dyed cottonThomas, J
2012Rammed, jammed and bifurcated : the convergence and divergence of intellectual property and competition policy in the digital environmentAverill, MH