Clothing comfort, health and wellness in general duty police load bearing vests from 2008 to present day

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This research document reveals recent developments in advanced textiles and in technical garment design which may assist in the design development of human load carriage garments. From discussions into human load bearing systems, load bearing garments, advanced textiles for comfort, health and wellness derived from motorcycle and sportswear, reviewers will learn that there are a multitude of novel possibilities available to assist them in the development of future load bearing vests for Police Officers and Emergency Service Personnel. Motorcycle wear is generally well advanced in terms of providing high levels of user protection aimed towards reducing injury and improving user health and wellness through enhancing factors such as climate control (breathability) and increased movement. Through the use of advanced textiles in modern motorcycle wear and by the way in which these garments are constructed structurally, they provide a much higher level of protection than what was previously available to motorcyclists. Likewise, sportswear has increasing become more high-tech, as athletes have demanded so much more of the garments they use. Increasing performance characteristics such as improving climate control for example, can significantly enhance user performance, health and wellbeing. This research document further explores motorcycle wear and sportswear as being relevant areas of garment design that may assist in informing load bearing vest design.
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