Coral exoskeletons as a precursor material for the development of a calcium phosphate drug delivery system for bone tissue engineering

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Journal Article
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 2013, 36 (11), pp. 1662 - 1665
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With the global rise in aging of populations, the occurrence of osteoporosis will continue to increase. Biomaterial and pharmaceutical scientists continue to develop innovative strategies and materials to address this disease. In this article, we describe a new perspective and approach into the use of coral exoskeletons as a precursor material to synthesize a calcium phosphate-based drug delivery system. Studies detailing the methodology of the conversion methods and the strategies and approach for the development of these novel drug delivery systems are described. Furthermore, in vivo studies in osteoporotic mice using a drug loaded and chemically modified version of the biomimetic delivery system showed significant cortical and cancellous bone increases. These studies support the notion and the rationale for future research and development of the use of coral exoskeletons as materials for drug delivery applications. © 2013 The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan.
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