Increased carrier generation rate in Si nanocrystals in SiO<inf>2</inf> investigated by induced absorption

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Journal Article
Applied Physics Letters, 2011, 99 (5)
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We report on investigations of optical generation of carriers in Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 matrix by time-resolved induced absorption technique. Results obtained for excitation below and above twice the bandgap energy h 2Eg and h 2Eg show very similar decay characteristics (within resolution ≈ 100 fs). When intensity of the signal is correlated to number of generated excitons, it is found that for the high photon energy excitation, carrier generation rate is considerably enhanced. These results are discussed in terms of carrier multiplication reported previously for semiconductor nanocrystals and photoluminescence quantum yield measurements for similar materials. © 2011 American Institute of Physics.
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