The ‘toe bone to the head bone’ logic model to connect public relations and corporate communication to organisation outcomes

Bond University, Massey University
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Journal Article
Prism, 2014, 11 (1), pp. 1 - 152
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Public relations and communication academics have been advocating evaluation for more than 30 years, but studies show that rigorous evaluation is still under-developed and under-utilised. When evaluation is done, it continues to be largely focused on measuring outputs, such as the volume and tone of publicity, impressions, and web page views and downloads, with much less identification of outcomes, according to research studies. Most importantly of all, public relations/communication outcomes are rarely causally linked to overarching organisation outcomes. In the current global discussion of standards for public relations evaluation, fresh attention has been turned to supporting organisation outcomes, but public relations evaluation literature still does not have much to say about how this can be done. This conceptual paper seeks to make a contribution to this problematic gap in measurement and evaluation literature by presenting a customised application of a logic model approach to planning and reporting that has been successful in the case study reported and which potentially can make a useful contribution to bridging the gap between communication outcomes and organisation and business outcomes.
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