Estuarine habitat preferences of Anguilla australis and A. reinhardtii glass eels as inferred from laboratory experiments

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Environmental Biology of Fishes, 2004, 71 (4), pp. 395 - 402
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We tested the habitat preferences of Anguillaaustralis (shortfin) and A. reinhardtii (longfin) glass eels using circular tanks in an aquarium, containing four types of estuarine habitat (sand, mud, rocks/cobbles and seagrass). Shortfin eels either showed a tendency to occur in heterogeneous habitats, or in rocks/cobbles. Longfin glass eels showed a significant preference for rocks/cobbles in both experiments. Tests on shortfin and longfin glass eels in tanks with only rocks/cobbles available showed that eels were not clumped, indicating that individuals select habitat for re-settlement independently. Therefore, we assumed that the uneven distribution of glass eels observed in the habitat type experiments were the result of habitat preference. Given a choice of habitats in tank experiments, shortfin and longfin glass eels preferred habitats containing structure, and in particular, rocks/cobbles.
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