Control of saprolegniosis in the eel Anguilla australis Richardson, by Aeromonas media strain A199

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Aquaculture, 2004, 240 (1-4), pp. 19 - 27
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The probiotic activity of Aeromonas media strain A199 for the control of saprolegniosis at low water temperatures was trialled in a laboratory-based challenge using the eel, Anguilla australis Richardson. Eels were challenged in the presence of a physiological and physical stress akin to that preceding the winter outbreaks of saprolegniosis in farms. The concentration of Saprolegnia parasitica cysts was 9±1.2 cysts/ml for the initial challenge. Morbidity due to saprolegniosis was low, at 27% in A199-treated tanks, in comparison to the 44% recorded for the non-treated control tanks. The subsequent addition of live A199 cultures to the treatment tanks resulted in the recovery of fish suffering from saprolegniosis (p=0.038), with temperature appearing to be a factor regulating the effect of A199. It was concluded that A199 is a potential agent for the management of winter outbreaks of saprolegniosis in eels. © 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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