An effective placement method for the single container loading problem

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Journal Article
Computers and Industrial Engineering, 2016, 97 pp. 212 - 221
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© 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. This study investigates a three-dimensional single container loading problem, which aims to pack a given set of unequal-size rectangular boxes into a single container such that the length of the occupied space in the container is minimized. Motivated by the practical logistics instances in literature, the problem under study is formulated as a zero-one mixed integer linear programming model. Due to the NP-hardness of the studied problem, a simple but effective loading placement heuristic is proposed for solving large-size instances. The experimental results demonstrate that the developed heuristic is capable of solving the instances with more than two hundred boxes and more efficient than the state-of-the-art mixed integer linear program and existing heuristic methods.
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