Optical properties of refractory TiN, AlN and (Ti,Al)N coatings

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2015, 9668
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© 2015 SPIE. Titanium nitride is a golden-colored semiconductor with metallic optical properties. It is already widely used in room temperature spectrally-selective coatings. In contrast, aluminum nitride is a relatively wide-band gap, non-metallic material. Both nitrides have exceptional thermal stability, to over 1000 °C, but are susceptible to oxidation. We will show here that composite coatings consisting of these materials and their complex oxides have considerable potential for spectrally-selective applications, including at elevated temperatures. In particular, we examine the metastable materials produced by magnetron sputtering. The effective dielectric functions of these materials can be tuned over a wide range by manipulation of their microstructure. This provides a strategy to assemble materials with tunable dielectric functions using a 'bottom-up' approach. The results are compared to those achievable by conventional, 'top-down', planar optical stacks comprised of alternating layers of TiNx and AlN.
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