Assessing the use of camera traps to measure reproductive success in Straw-necked Ibis breeding colonies

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Journal Article
Australian Field Ornithology, 2014, 31 (2), pp. 99 - 106
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Nest monitoring may influence reproductive success and rates of predation. This study compared data from two methods of monitoring nests- repeated visits to nests by investigators and collection of data by camera traps-in Straw-necked Ibis Threskiornis spinicollis breeding colonies in the Murrumbidgee catchment in New South Wales. There was no significant difference in reproductive success between nests monitored by these two methods. These data show that (1) nest monitoring using camera traps is a valid survey method that reduces the need for investigators to engage in intensive and costly monitoring in the field, and (2) there was no detectable interference from repeated visits to nests by investigators on the reproductive success of ibis.
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