Ye olde Fibonacci curiosity shoppe revisited

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Fibonacci Quarterly, 2004, 42 pp. 155 - 160
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There are many Fibonacci identities to be found in short informal articles in the early editions of The Fibonacci Quarterly. See, for example, (1) and (2). The aim of the authoprs was to gather Fibonacci identities from diverse sources and display them for all to see. Many of the identities that appeared were quite old and possessed beautiful symmetry. As such, some were alreasy classics, and today appear regularly in research papers. Perhaps the best example is Simson's identity, which has undergone many generalisations.For an up to date account see (7). However, other identities have received little or no attention, and have not deatured in the literature since those early days. The purpose of ths paper is to present some new insight into two such identities. We assume throughout that the sequences in this paper are defined for all integers, and henceforth we do not restate this.
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