An empirical analysis of nitrogen pressure effect on grain size development of nanostructured ternary nitride coatings

Institute of Materials Engineering Australasia
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Journal Article
Materials Forum, 2005, 29 pp. 103 - 107
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An empirical relationship between the grain diameter of ternary nitride coatings and trhe nitrogen deposition pressure was formulated in the present study. A linear relationship was established between the reciprocals of the square roots of the rgain diameter of the coatings and the nitrogen deposition pressure. It was further confirmed that the equation parameter, md of the empirical relationship was linearly proportional to the primary yield of the coating materials. With defined discharge conditions and sputter characteristics of the larget materials, the values of md for diffeent coatings can be calculated and te rgain size of the coating structure at different nitrogen deposition pressures can be determined.
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