X-ray mapping of metallic elements in roll bonded metal laminates

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Journal Article
Materials Forum, 2006, 30 pp. 225 - 232
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Advanced metal laminates have experienced rapid development in functional engineering applications. In this study, copper/aluminium metal laminates were produced by the roll bonding technique at 430°C with a critical 40% rolling reduction and sintering treatment was applied at 450°C. Interface development of the samples was examined using scanning electron microscopy and the distribution of the metallic elements and the subsequent chemical phase formation in the interfacial region was investigated by x-ray mapping. It was found that movement of the copper atoms occurred at a faster diffusion rate into the aluminium region and resulted in a shift of the interface boundary. Growth rate of the interface was determined and its relationship with sintering time was formulated. Development of the metallic phases in the interfacial area of the metal laminates was observed and determined. © Institute of Materials Engineering Australasia Ltd.
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