On thermomechanical processing of high ductility SiC<inf>p</inf>/Zn-22wt. %Al metal matrix composites

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Materials Science Forum, 2005, 475-479 (II), pp. 979 - 984
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SiCp/Zn-22 wt% Al metal matrix composites of different particulate sizes have been prepared and tensile tested at 250°C at various strain rates. Scheduled thermomechanical treatment of structural refinement was employed to enhance the ductility of the composites. Substantial ductility of over 500% elongation bas been achieved within the strain rates investigated. The highest elongations are generally obtained by the samples reinforced with large particulates. Microstructural examination of the tested samples shows significant material cavitation and particulate separation in the material after tensile deformation. It was found that the particles had a de-strengthening effect. © 2005 Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.
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