Optical and electrical switching in nanostructured coatings of VO2

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Nanocoatings. Proceedings of SPIE vol 6647, 2007, pp. 1 - 8
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Vanadium dioxide udergoes a reversible metal-insulator phase transition at about 68 degrees C. Cooatings iof this compound are reflective in the infrared above this temperature, and transmissive or absorptive below it, while resistivity changes by several orders of magnitude. We present a convenient methods for deposting films with nano-sized grains, which are then optically and electrically characterised. Emphasis in this study is the impact of aluminium doping and grain sturcture. The optical hysteresis is rpesnted and its switching range is not altered at different soping levels but he value of transition temperature Tc does shift. In contrast hysteresis in dc resistance does change with a strong correlation between the fall in resistance in the semiconductor state with doping, in the drop in Tc and the electrica properties in the metal state. For grain sizes under about 180 nm the conductivity in the mtal phase is not linear in temperature but is thermally activated, with activation enegies delta E dependent on both grain size G and doping level.
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