Microlasers based on effective index confined slow light modes in photonic crystal waveguides

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Journal Article
Optics Express, 2008, 16 (9), pp. 6331 - 6339
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We present the design, theory and experimental implementation of a low modal volume microlaser based on a line-defect 2D-photonic crystal waveguide. The lateral confinement of low-group velocity modes is controlled by the post-processing of 1 to 3μm wide PMMA strips on top of two dimensional photonic crystal waveguides. Modal volume around 1.3 (λ/n)3can be achieved using this scheme. We use this concept to fabricate microlaser devices from an InP-based heterostructure including InAs0.65P0.35quantum wells emitting around 1550nm and bonded onto a fused silica wafer. We observe stable, room-temperature laser operation with an effective lasing threshold around 0.5mW. © 2008 Optical Society of America.
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