Chloroplast genomics: Expanding resources for an evolutionary conserved miniature molecule with enigmatic applications

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Journal Article
Current Plant Biology, 2016, 7-8 pp. 34 - 38
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© 2016 The Authors Chloroplast, methylation depreived uniparental organelle genome is the most studied organelle genome from the perspective of evolution and functional omics. Recent advances in organelle genome sequencing both in terms of genome or transcriptome sequencing has opened a wide range of opportunities to understand the transcriptional and translational role of the genes mainly involved in the light harvesting apparatus and the evolution of the inverted repeats across the lineage. However, as compared to the nuclear genome, limited resources are available in case of organelle genome. In this review, we discuss the recent advances in the chloroplast genomics and the resources that have been developed for understanding the evolution, repeat patterns, functional genomics of this miniature molecule with enigmatic applications.
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