Platinum Alloys for Shape Memory Applications

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Journal Article
Platinum Metals Review, 2003, 47 (4), pp. 142 - 156
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Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are materials that can change their shape at a specific temperature and are used in applications as diverse as sensors, temperature sensitive switches, force actuators, fire-safety valves, orthodontic wires, fasteners, and couplers. The possible advantages offered by platinum-based SMAs involving the metals: iron, aluminium, gallium, titanium, chromium, and vanadium, are considered here and the likely systems upon which such alloys might be based are assessed. It is suggested that the most promising candidate systems are ternary-alloyed variations of the Pt 3Al and PtTi phases, although SMAs based on PtFe3 have potential for low temperature applications. It appears possible to engineer a shape memory transition in the (Pt, Ni)Ti system anywhere between room temperature and 1000°C, a versatility which is probably unique among all known SMAs.
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