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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002A culture of learning in the informal museum setting?Watson, K; Aubusson, PJ; Steele, FA; Griffin, JM
Jan-2005Culture of Neospora caninum in the presence of a mycoplasma removal agent results in the selection of a mutant population of tachyzoitesHudson, AL; Ellis, JT
Jan-2013A Culture of Success: Building Depth into Institution-Wide Approaches to First Year Transition.Kinniburgh, JR; -
Jan-2010A culture of trust: Engaging Muslim women in community sport organizationsMaxwell, H; Taylor, TL
Jan-2007Culture Wars: Liberalism, Hospitality and SovereigntyKelly, EK
Jan-2012Culture, Disorder and Death in an Online WorldMarshall, J; Le, H
Jan-2011Culture, Emotion and Trust in E-commerceKang, K; Kovacevic, L; Soliman, KS
Jan-2010Culture, Literature, and the Contradictions of Socialist Capitalism in Chinese Corporate MagazinesHawes, C
1-Jan-2015Culture-independent genome sequencing of clinical samples reveals an unexpected heterogeneity of infections by chlamydia pecorumBachmann, NL; Sullivan, MJ; Jelocnik, M; Myers, GSA; Timms, P; Polkinghorne, A
2012A culture-oriented framework for BPR implementation : the case study of Saudi ArabiaRahali, EA
Jan-2006Cultures of complaint - An ethnography of rural racial rivalryCowlishaw, G
Jan-2012Cumulative ecological impacts of two successive annual treatments of imidacloprid and fipronil on aquatic communities of paddy mesocosmsHayasaka, D; Korenaga, T; Suzuki, K; Saito, F; Sanchez-Bayo, FP; Goka, K
Jan-2009Cumulative Exposure To Lead In Relation To Cognitive Function In Older WomenWeuve, J; Korrick, S; Weisskopf, M; Ryan, LM; Schwartz, J; Nie, H; Grodstein, F; Hu, H
Jan-2008Cumulative Violence Exposure And Self-rated Health: Longitudinal Study Of Adolescents In The United StatesBoynton-jarrett, R; Ryan, LM; Berkman, L; Wright, R
31-Mar-2017Cumulus Hong Kong 2016Walden, RJ
-cumulusStudio AJG 2087-
-cumulusStudio AJG 2216-
Jan-2014CuO single crystal with exposed {001} facets--a highly efficient material for gas sensing and Li-ion battery applications.Su, D; Xie, X; Dou, S; Wang, G
2013Curating school cultures: Studios in the context of school agendasBurke, A; Ramirez-Lovering, D; Alexander, J; Fairley, A.
2015Curating school cultures: Studios in the context of school agendasBurke, AJ; Bates, D; Mitsogianni, V; Ramirez-Lovering, D