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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Building local leadership for research educationBoud, D; Brew, A; Dowling, R; Kiley, M; Malfroy, J; McKenzie, JA; Solomon, N; Ryland, K
1-Jan-2015The calibration of student judgement through self-assessment: disruptive effects of assessment patternsBoud, D; Lawson, R; Thompson, DG
Jan-2013Changing conceptions of feedbackMolloy, E; Boud, DJ; Boud, D; Molloy, E
1-Mar-2009Co-production and health system reform - From re-imagining to re-makingDunston, R; Lee, A; Boud, D; Brodie, P; Chiarella, M
27-Apr-2006Combining work and learning: The disturbing challenge of practiceBoud, D
1-Mar-2010A community college's performance of ‘organisation’: it's a drag!Rooney, D; Rhodes, C; Boud, D
1-Jan-2018Conceptualising evaluative judgement for sustainable assessment in higher educationAjjawi, R; Tai, J; Dawson, P; Boud, D
1-Feb-2005Confronting globalisation: Learning from intercontinental collaborationLarsson, S; Boud, D; Dahlgren, MA; Walters, S; Sork, T
1-Nov-2006Creating a 'world class' programme: Reciprocity and constraint in networked global collaborationBoud, D; Dahlgren, LO; Dahlgren, MA; Larsson, S; Sork, TJ; Walters, S
1-Jan-2018Creating an agenda for developing students’ evaluative judgementBoud, D; Dawson, P; Tai, J; Ajjawi, R
Jan-2006Creating the space for reflection at workBoud, DJ; Boud, D; Cressey, P; Docherty, P
10-Nov-2005Creating the space for reflection at workBoud, D
31-May-2012Creating work: Employee-driven innovation through work practice reconstructionPrice, OM; Boud, D; Scheeres, H
Jan-2013Decision-making for feedbackBoud, DJ; Molloy, E; Boud, D; Molloy, E
1-Jan-2012Decision-making for feedbackBoud, D; Molloy, E
Jan-2007Developing assessment for informing judgementBoud, DJ; Falchikov, N; Boud, D; Falchikov, N
1-Sep-2018Developing evaluative judgement: enabling students to make decisions about the quality of workTai, J; Ajjawi, R; Boud, D; Dawson, P; Panadero, E
17-Nov-2018The development of student feedback literacy: enabling uptake of feedbackCarless, D; Boud, D
1-Jan-2015Dilemmas in continuing professional learning: learning inscribed in frameworks or elicited from practiceReich, A; Rooney, D; Boud, D
1-Dec-2013Does student engagement in self-assessment calibrate their judgement over time?Boud, D; Lawson, R; Thompson, DG