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29-Mar-2017Do Siblings Free-Ride in 'being There' for Parents?Maruyama, S; Johar, M
1-Mar-2017The Evolution of Out-of-Hospital Medical Costs to and through RetirementJohar, M
Jan-2017Forecasting with Micro Panels: The Case of Health Care CostsFiebig, DG; Johar, M
2017The contribution of Western fast food to fast-growing body mass in ChinaJohar, M; Maruyama, S; Truong, J
2017Profiling hospital utilisation in a mixed public-private systemGu, MZ; Johar, M
2017Bleeding hearts, profiteers, or both specialist physician fees in an unregulated marketJohar, M; Mu, C; van Gool, K; Wong, CY
Apr-2015Obesity and health expenditures: evidence from Australia.Buchmueller, TC; Johar, M
8-Jan-2015Does self-assessed health measure health?Doiron, D; Fiebig, DG; Johar, M; Suziedelyte, A
2015Reciprocity in the formation of intergenerational coresidenceJohar, M; Maruyama, S; Nakamura, S
2015Does self-assessed health measure health?Doiron, D; Fiebig, DG; Johar, M; Suziedelyte, A
24-Sep-2014Direct and indirect effect of depression in adolescence on adult wagesJohar, M; Truong, J
Jan-2014Do Mergers Benefit Patients in Underperforming Administrations? Lessons from Area Health Service AmalgamationJohar, M; Savage, EJ
Jan-2014Does coresidence improve an elderly parents health?Johar, M; Maruyama, S
Jan-2014Are Waiting List Prioritization Guidelines Being Followed in Australia?Johar, M
Jan-2014What explains the quality and price of GP services? An investigation using linked survey and administrative dataJohar, M; Jones, G; Savage, EJ
Jan-2013Using repeated choice experiments to evaluate the impact of policy changes on cervical screeningJohar, M; Fiebig, DG; Haas, MR; Viney, RC
Jan-2013AustraliaJohar, M; Jones, G; Savage, EJ; Sharma, A; Harris, A; Siciliani, L; Borowitz, M; Moran, V
Jan-2013Discrimination in a universal health system: Explaining socioeconomic waiting times gapsJohar, M; Jones, G; Keane, M; Savage, EJ; Stavrunova, O
Jan-2013The effect of lifestyle choices on emergency department use in AustraliaJohar, M; Jones, G; Savage, EJ
Jan-2013Emergency admissions and elective surgery waiting timesJohar, M; Jones, G; Savage, EJ