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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02-22Adaptive weighted non-parametric background model for efficient video codingChakraborty, S; Paul, M; Murshed, M; Ali, M
2009-12-30Are the processes recommended by the NHMRC for improving Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people being implemented?: An assessment of CR Services across Western AustraliaThompson, SC; DiGiacomo, ML; Smith, JS; Taylor, KP; Dimer, L; Ali, M; Wood, MM; Leahy, TG; Davidson, PM
2016-01-01Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Indonesia: Problems and PotentialsAli, M; Briskman, L; Fiske, L
2010-01Building an Electronic Market SystemLawrence, EM; Debenham, JK; García-Pedrajas, N; Herrera, F; Fyfe, C; Manuel Benítez, J; Ali, M
2016-10-31Classification on Stiefel and Grassmann manifolds via maximum Likelihood estimation of matrix distributionsAli, M; Gao, J; Antolovich, M
2022-01-01Comparative Study of Methods for the Real-Time Detection of Dynamic Bottlenecks in Serial Production LinesWest, N; Schwenken, J; Deuse, J; Fujita, H; Fournier-Viger, P; Ali, M; Wang, Y
2020-06-01CRITICAL ROLE FOR IRON ACCUMULATION IN THE PATHOGENESIS OF PULMONARY FIBROSISAli, M; Kim, R; Brown, A; Vanka, K; Mayall, J; Liu, G; Pillar, A; Aryal, R; Jones, B; Xenaki, D; Borghuis, T; Karim, R; Pinkerton, J; Donovan, C; Heidari, M; Martin, K; Burgess, J; Oliver, B; Trinder, D; Johnstone, D; Milward, E; Hansbro, P; Horvat, J
2021-06-14Defining counselling in contraceptive information and services: outcomes from an expert think tankAli, M; Tran, NT
2014-09-27Detection of Nitrogen Status in Cotton using an Image Processing ApproachAli, M; Al-Ani, A; Eamus, A; Tan, D; Rochester, I; Olgun, A; Kurtovi, M; Filya, I
2015-01-01Effects of thermal diffusion on viscoelastic fluid flow through a vertical flat plateHossain, SI; Alam, MM; Islam, AKMS; Amin, MR; Ali, M; Setoguchi, T
2020-06-07Gel immobilization: A strategy to improve the performance of anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) bacteria for nitrogen-rich wastewater treatment.Ahmad, HA; Ni, S-Q; Ahmad, S; Zhang, J; Ali, M; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Tan, Z; Wang, Q
2010-04-27Health information system linkage and coordination are critical for increasing access to secondary prevention in Aboriginal health: A qualitative studyDigiacomo, M; Davidson, PM; Taylor, KP; Smith, JS; Lyn Dimer, EN; Ali, M; Wood, MM; Leahy, TG; Thompson, SC
2021-12-24"Here we are equal": refugee-run schools as a vehicle for human rights pedagogyFiske, L; Burridge, N; Ali, M; Offord, B; Fleay, C; Hartley, L; Woldeyes, YG; Chan, D
2010-01Information Theory Based Intelligent AgentsLawrence, EM; Debenham, JK; Garcia-Pedrajas, N; Herrera, F; Fyfe, C; Manuel Benitez, J; Ali, M
2018-01-30Internet of things based wireless patient body area monitoring networkRiaz, MH; Rashid, U; Ali, M; Li, L
2019-03-01INTERRELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MICRORNA-21, IL-1 beta AND SLC26A4 RESPONSES IN SEVERE ASTHMAKim, R; Horvat, J; Pinkerton, J; Rae, B; Brown, A; Hsu, A; To, C; Mayall, J; Ali, M; Goggins, B; Starkey, M; Essilfie, A; Wark, P; Bosco, A; Hansbro, P
2019-03-01INVESTIGATING ASTHMA-COPD OVERLAP USING MOUSE MODELSDonovan, C; Kim, R; Brown, A; Tu, X; Jones, B; Budden, K; Ali, M; Nair, MP; Nguyen, D; Horvat, J; Hansbro, P
2012-10-18Leaf Nitrogen Determination using Handheld MetersAli, M; Al-Ani, A; Eamus, D; Tan, D; Yunusa, I
2016-12-22MLE-Based Learning on Grassmann ManifoldsAli, M; Gao, J; Antolovich, M
2003-01A Rigorous Approach to Knowledge Base MaintenanceDebenham, JK; Chung, PWH; Hinde, C; Ali, M