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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01Advancing sustainability through change and innovation: A co-evolutionary perspectiveBenn, SH; Baker, E
2006-01Agency and the network franchise system: collaboration and dissonanceDenize, SM; Baker, E; Kan, MM; Young, LC; Avlonitis, GJ; Papavassiliou, N; Papastathopoulou, P
2021An Australian rental housing conditions research infrastructureBaker, E; Daniel, L; Beer, A; Bentley, R; Rowley, S; Baddeley, M; London, K; Stone, W; Nygaard, C; Hulse, K; Lockwood, A; Ong, A
2019-06-01Association between child marriage and institutional delivery care services use in Bangladesh: intersections between education and place of residenceUddin, J; Pulok, MH; Johnson, RB; Rana, J; Baker, E
2001-04-01Changing forms of organizing: Dualities in using remote collaboration technologies in film productionPalmer, I; Dunford, R; Rura-Polley, T; Baker, E
-Comparison of short-term outcomes between people with and without a pre-morbid mental health diagnosis following surgery for traumatic hand injury: a prospective longitudinal study of a multicultural cohortNaylor, JM; Bhandari, P; Descallar, J; Yang, OO; Rider, M; Mayland, EC; Tang, C; Brady, B; Lim, D; Santalucia, Y; Gabbe, BJ; Hassett, G; Baker, E
2013-12-01Construction in human interaction dynamics: Organizing mechanisms, strategic ambiguity and interpretive dominanceEdwards, M; Baker, E
2002-01Contradictory impacts of IT: the case of household-workplacesAvery, GC; Baker, E; Dhir, K
2016-06Detecting deceptive behaviour after the fact.von Hippel, W; Baker, E; Wilson, R; Brin, L; Page, L
2011-10-01Developing a collaborative network organization: Leadership challenges at multiple levelsBaker, E; Kan, M; Teo, STT
2009-01Different types of community networksOnyx, J; Burridge, N; Baker, E; Brennan, D
2007-01Emergence of Informal Leaders in an Inter-Organizational NetworkKan, MM; Baker, E; Teo, ST; Radnor, Z; Thomas, H; Cartwright, S
2011-10-12Emergence, social capital and entrepreneurship: Understanding networks from the insideBaker, E; Onyx, J; Edwards, M
2005-01Employee outcomes when working from home: The influence of organizational, job, individual and household factorsAvery, GC; Baker, E; Crawford, JD; -
2006-01-01Home alone: The role of technology in telecommutingBaker, E; Avery, GC; Crawford, J
2008-01Home-Based Telecommuting: Technology's RoleBaker, E; Avery, GC; Crawford, JD; Khosrow-Pour Mehdi
2004-01How important is technology-related support when employees work from home?Baker, E; Avery, GC; Crawford, JD; Gopalkrishnan, S
2009-01Managing dualities in a collaborative non-profit networkBaker, E; Kan, MM; Onyx, J; Teo, ST
2008-01Managing sustainable non-profit network organizationsBaker, E; Kan, MM; Teo, ST; Onyx, J; Grant, T; Zowghi, D; Morad, B
2001-01Reframing Applied to the Home-WorkplaceAvery, GC; Baker, E; N/A