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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Aboriginal Identity, world views, research and the story of the Burra'gorangBodkin-Andrews, G; Bodkin, F; Andrews, G; Evans, R
27-Nov-2013Aim(E) for completing school and university: Analysing the strength of the Australian Indigenous Mentoring ExperienceBodkin-Andrews, G; Harwood, V; McMahon, S; Priestly, A
2016Exploring an Indigenous graduate attribute project through a critical race theory lensPage, S; Trudgett, M; Bodkin-Andrews, G
1-Nov-2017Exposing the patterns of statistical blindness: Centring Indigenous standpoints on student identity, motivation, and future aspirationsBodkin-Andrews, G; Whittaker, A; Harrison, N; Craven, R; Parker, P; Trudgett, M; Page, S
8-Jul-2017IntroductionWalter, M; Martin, KL; Bodkin-Andrews, G
2-Jan-2017Lessons from the AIME approach to the teaching relationship: valuing biepistemic practiceMcMahon, S; Harwood, V; Bodkin-Andrews, G; O’Shea, S; McKnight, A; Chandler, P; Priestly, A
1-Jun-2017Moving beyond essentialism: Aboriginal parental perceptions of school bullying and school engagementBodkin-Andrews, G; Whittaker, A; Cooper, E; Parada, RH; Denson, N; Bansel, P
1-Dec-2016Mudjil'dya'djurali dabuwa'wurrata (how the white waratah became red): D'harawal storytelling and welcome to country "controversies"Bodkin-Andrews, G; Bodkin, AF; Andrews, UG; Whittaker, A
27-Nov-2013Negotiating racism: The voices of Aboriginal Australian post-graduate studentsBodkin-Andrews, G; Craven, RG
27-Nov-2013Racism, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identities, and higher education: Reviewing the burden of epistemological and other racismsBodkin-Andrews, G; Carlson, B
1-Jan-2014Self-concept of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian students: Competence and affect components and relations to achievementArens, AK; Bodkin-Andrews, G; Craven, RG; Yeung, AS
20-Oct-2017Sensational pedagogies: Learning to be affected by countryHarrison, N; Bodkin, F; Bodkin-Andrews, G; Mackinlay, E
2011What research can tell usCraven, RG; Bodkin-Andrews, G; Craven, RG