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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2009A commentary on decision-making and organisational legitimacy in the Risk SocietyBenn, S; Brown, P; North-Samardzic, A
1-Jun-2018Cost-effectiveness of the BRECONDA decision aid for women with breast cancer: Results from a randomized controlled trialParkinson, B; Sherman, KA; Brown, P; Shaw, LKE; Boyages, J; Cameron, LD; Elder, E; Lam, T
31-Oct-2017Expanding The Living Architecture In AustraliaWilkinson, SJ; Brown, P; Ghosh, S
Jan-2005Generative Art: From Analogue to Digital FormationsLeggett, MG; Edmonds, E; Brown, P; Burraston, D
2015Global Comparisons of Management PracticesAgarwal, R; Bajada, C; Brown, P; Green, R; Wilkinson, A; Townsend, K; Suder, G
6-Jun-2017Green walls and roofs: A mandatory or voluntary approach for Australia? Case Studies.Wilkinson, SJ; ghosh, S; Pelleri, N; Brown, P; Soco, S
1-Jan-1999The impact of statutory sanctions on the level and information content of voluntary corporate disclosureBrown, P; Taylor, SL; Walter, TS
Jan-2005Integrating Computational Generative Processes in Acoustic Music CompositionBeilharz, KA; Edmonds, E; Brown, P
1-May-2007Integrating remote sensing and ground methods to estimate evapotranspirationGlenn, EP; Huete, AR; Nagler, PL; Hirschboeck, KK; Brown, P
1-Dec-2010Investor behaviour in response to Australia's capital gains taxBrown, P; Ferguson, A; Sherry, S
Jan-2005Losers and Finders: Indexing Audio-Visual Digital MediaLeggett, MG; Edmonds, E; Brown, P; Candy, L; Hewett, T
1-Feb-2014Market reactions to the reports of a star resource analystBrown, P; Feigin, A; Ferguson, A
Jan-2014Meta learning from past adaptationBrown, P; Measham, T; Jacobs, B
1-Apr-2018Networks Shaping Climate Adaptation Policy and GovernanceCunningham, R; Jacobs, B; Cvitanovic, C; Measham, T; Brown, P
1-Jun-2009Pierpont and the capital marketBrown, P; Ferguson, A; Jackson, AB
2012Revegetation, bioenergy and sustainable use in the New South Wales central westBaumber, AP; Merson, JA; Diesendorf, MO; Ampt, PR; Merson, JA; Cooney, R; Brown, P
7-Dec-2018The Role of Environmental Management Accounting for the Control of Energy in an Agricultural SettingSoco, S; Brown, P; Pham, H
Jan-2012Roles of Diverse Stakeholders in Natural Resources Management and Their Relationships with Regional Bodies in New South Wales, AustraliaJacobs, B; Brown, P; Kaswamila, A
1-Jan-2008Share Purchase Plans in Australia: Issuer Characteristics and Valuation ImplicationsBrown, P; Ferguson, A; Stone, K
5-Feb-2019Startup Methods Cards for Humanity: Minimum Viable Planning Cards (MVPCs)Brown, P; Gilfedder, L; Bliemel, M