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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-30A hybrid recommendation system with many-objective evolutionary algorithmCai, X; Hu, Z; Zhao, P; Zhang, WS; Chen, J
2020-10-01A many-objective optimization recommendation algorithm based on knowledge miningCai, X; Hu, Z; Chen, J
2020-01Consolidation in a crisis: Patterns of international collaboration in early COVID-19 research.Fry, CV; Cai, X; Zhang, Y; Wagner, CS
2021-12-08Continuous Carbon Channels Enable Full Na-Ion Accessibility for Superior Room-Temperature Na-S Batteries.Wu, C; Lei, Y; Simonelli, L; Tonti, D; Black, A; Lu, X; Lai, W-H; Cai, X; Wang, Y-X; Gu, Q; Chou, S-L; Liu, H-K; Wang, G; Dou, S-X
2018-08-01Explore semantic topics and author communities for citation recommendation in bipartite bibliographic networkDai, T; Zhu, L; Cai, X; Pan, S; Yuan, S
2020-09-01Foreword: Evolutionary data mining for big dataDing, W; Yen, GG; Cai, X; Cao, Z
2008-12-01GATE: A novel robust object tracking method using the particle filtering and level set methodLuo, C; Cai, X; Zhang, J
2018-01-01Heterogeneous information network embedding based personalized query-focused astronomy reference paper recommendationCai, X; Han, J; Pan, S; Yang, L
2021-06-04Infectious disease mRNA vaccines and a review on epitope prediction for vaccine designCai, X; Li, JJ; Liu, T; Brian, O; Li, J
2018-08-11Low-rank and sparse matrix factorization for scientific paper recommendation in heterogeneous networkDai, T; Gao, T; Zhu, L; Cai, X; Pan, S
2020Measuring distance-based semantic similarity using meronymy and hyponymy relationsCai, Y; Pan, S; Wang, X; Chen, H; Cai, X; Zuo, M
2017-01-01Multi-document summarization based on sentence cluster using non-negative matrix factorizationYang, L; Cai, X; Pan, S; Dai, H; Mu, D
2019-05-31Optimal leach protocol with improved bat algorithm in wireless sensor networksCai, X; Sun, Y; Cui, Z; Zhang, W; Chen, J
2019Optimal LEACH protocol with modified bat algorithm for big data sensing systems in Internet of ThingsCui, Z; Cao, Y; Cai, X; Cai, J; Chen, J
2008-12-31Robust object tracking using the particle filtering and level set methods: A comparative experimentLuo, C; Cai, X; Zhang, J
2018-12-01A Three-Layered Mutually Reinforced Model for Personalized Citation RecommendationCai, X; Han, J; Li, W; Zhang, R; Pan, S; Yang, L
2021-01-01Topic Evolution, Disruption and Resilience in Early COVID-19 ResearchZhang, Y; Cai, X; Fry, CV; Wu, M; Wagner, C