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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12-013D porous sulfur-graphdiyne with splendid electrocatalytic and energy storage applicationMuhammad, I; Ahmed, S; Cao, H; Yao, Z; Khan, D; Mahmood, A; Hussain, T; Xiong, XG; Ahuja, R; Wang, YG
2022Chinese Version of the mHealth App Usability Questionnaire: Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Validation.Zhao, S; Cao, Y; Cao, H; Liu, K; Lv, X; Zhang, J; Li, Y; Davidson, PM
2016-07Deep sequencing of the MHC region in the Chinese population contributes to studies of complex disease.Zhou, F; Cao, H; Zuo, X; Zhang, T; Zhang, X; Liu, X; Xu, R; Chen, G; Zhang, Y; Zheng, X; Jin, X; Gao, J; Mei, J; Sheng, Y; Li, Q; Liang, B; Shen, J; Shen, C; Jiang, H; Zhu, C; Fan, X; Xu, F; Yue, M; Yin, X; Ye, C; Zhang, C; Liu, X; Yu, L; Wu, J; Chen, M; Zhuang, X; Tang, L; Shao, H; Wu, L; Li, J; Xu, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhao, S; Wang, Y; Li, G; Xu, H; Zeng, L; Wang, J; Bai, M; Chen, Y; Chen, W; Kang, T; Wu, Y; Xu, X; Zhu, Z; Cui, Y; Wang, Z; Yang, C; Wang, P; Xiang, L; Chen, X; Zhang, A; Gao, X; Zhang, F; Xu, J; Zheng, M; Zheng, J; Zhang, J; Yu, X; Li, Y; Yang, S; Yang, H; Wang, J; Liu, J; Hammarström, L; Sun, L; Wang, J; Zhang, X
2021-01-01Fusion-Based Feature Attention Gate Component for Vehicle Detection Based on Event CameraCao, H; Chen, G; Xia, J; Zhuang, G; Knoll, A
2023-02Ions play different roles in virus removal caused by different NOMs in UF process: Removal efficiency and mechanism analysis.Ren, Z; Cao, H; Desmond, P; Liu, B; Ngo, HH; He, X; Li, G; Ma, J; Ding, A
2021-01-01Latency performance modeling and analysis for hyperledger fabric blockchain networkXu, X; Sun, G; Luo, L; Cao, H; Yu, H; Vasilakos, AV
2004-12-06Local discrimination of maximally entangled states in canonical formCao, H; Ying, M
2011-01-01Modes of random lasersAndreasen, J; Asatryan, AA; Botten, LC; Byrne, MA; Cao, H; Ge, L; Labonté, L; Sebbah, P; Stone, AD; Türeci, HE; Vanneste, C
2011MrkH, a novel c-di-GMP-dependent transcriptional activator controls Klebsiella pneumoniae biofilm formation by regulating type 3 fimbriae expressionWilksch, J; Yang, J; Clements, A; Gabbe, J; Short, K; Cao, H; James, C; Whitchurch, C; Schembri, M; Chuah, M; Liang, Z; Wijburg, O; Jenney, A; Lithgow, T; Strugnell, R; Cavaliere, R
2011-08-01MrKH, a novel c-di-GMP-dependent transcriptional activator, controls klebsiella pneumoniae biofilm formation by regulating type 3 fimbriae expressionWilksch, JJ; Yang, J; Clements, A; Gabbe, JL; Short, KR; Cao, H; Cavaliere, R; James, CE; Whitchurch, CB; Schembri, MA; Chuah, MLC; Liang, ZX; Wijburg, OL; Jenney, AW; Lithgow, T; Strugnell, RA
2016-02-25Novel loci and pathways significantly associated with longevity.Zeng, Y; Nie, C; Min, J; Liu, X; Li, M; Chen, H; Xu, H; Wang, M; Ni, T; Li, Y; Yan, H; Zhang, J-P; Song, C; Chi, L-Q; Wang, H-M; Dong, J; Zheng, G-Y; Lin, L; Qian, F; Qi, Y; Liu, X; Cao, H; Wang, Y; Zhang, L; Li, Z; Zhou, Y; Wang, Y; Lu, J; Li, J; Qi, M; Bolund, L; Yashin, A; Land, KC; Gregory, S; Yang, Z; Gottschalk, W; Tao, W; Wang, J; Wang, J; Xu, X; Bae, H; Nygaard, M; Christiansen, L; Christensen, K; Franceschi, C; Lutz, MW; Gu, J; Tan, Q; Perls, T; Sebastiani, P; Deelen, J; Slagboom, E; Hauser, E; Xu, H; Tian, X-L; Yang, H; Vaupel, JW
2005-03-01Optimal conclusive discrimination of two states can be achieved locallyJi, Z; Cao, H; Ying, M
2021-12Presence of powdered activated carbon/zeolite layer on the performances of gravity-driven membrane (GDM) system for drinking water treatment: Ammonia removal and flux stabilization.Ding, A; Song, R; Cui, H; Cao, H; Ngo, HH; Chang, H; Nan, J; Li, G; Ma, J
2006Random lasing in weakly scattering systemsWu, X; Fanag, W; Yamilov, A; Chabanov, A; Asatryan, A; Botten, L; Cao, H
2023Robust Face Alignment via Inherent Relation Learning and Uncertainty EstimationXia, J; Xu, M; Zhang, H; Zhang, J; Huang, W; Cao, H; Wen, S
2023Three-Dimensional Silicene-Based Materials: A Universal Anode for Monovalent and Divalent Ion BatteriesMuhammad, I; Ahmed, S; Cao, H; Mahmood, A; Wang, YG