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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2018Analysis and Improvement of Large Payload Bidirectional Quantum Secure Direct Communication Without Information LeakageLiu, ZH; Chen, HW
1-Jul-2017Analysis and Revision of Secure Quantum Dialogue via Cavity QEDLiu, ZH; Chen, HW
1-Jan-2014Classical-Operation-Based Deterministic Secure Quantum CommunicationLiu, ZH; Chen, HW; Wang, D; Xue, XL
1-Sep-2017Cryptanalysis and improvement of efficient quantum dialogue using entangled states and entanglement swapping without information leakageLiu, ZH; Chen, HW
1-Aug-2016Cryptanalysis and improvement of quantum broadcast communication and authentication protocol with a quantum one-time padLiu, ZH; Chen, HW
1-Jan-2014Cryptanalysis and improvement of three-particle deterministic secure and high bit-rate direct quantum communication protocolLiu, ZH; Chen, HW; Wang, D; Li, WQ
1-Feb-2012Deterministic secure quantum communication without unitary operation based on high-dimensional entanglement swappingLiu, ZH; Chen, HW; Liu, WJ; Xu, J; Li, ZQ
1-Jul-2016Information Leakage Problem in High-Capacity Quantum Secure Communication with Authentication Using Einstein - Podolsky - Rosen PairsLiu, ZH; Chen, HW; Liu, WJ
5-Jul-2017Information leakage problem in quantum secure direct communication protocol based on the mixture of Bell state particles and single photonsLiu, ZH; Chen, HW
20-Apr-2016Search algorithm of structure anomalies in complete graph based on scattering quantum walkXue, XL; Chen, HW; Liu, ZH; Zhang, BB
1-Jan-2017Search algorithm on strongly regular graphs based on scattering quantum walkXue, XL; Liu, ZH; Chen, HW
1-Sep-2011Selection of unitary operations in quantum secret sharing without entanglementXu, J; Chen, HW; Liu, WJ; Liu, ZH