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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-26A systematic review of cost and well-being in hip and knee replacements surgical site infections.Hon, YGV; Demant, D; Travaglia, J
2021-09Alcohol-impaired Walking in 16 Countries: A Theory-Based Investigation.Oviedo-Trespalacios, O; Çelik, AK; Marti-Belda, A; Włodarczyk, A; Demant, D; Nguyen-Phuoc, DQ; Rubie, E; Oktay, E; Argandar, GD; Rod, JE; Natividade, JC; Park, J; Bastos, JT; Martínez-Buelvas, L; Pereira da Silva, MDF; Velindro, M; Sucha, M; Orozco-Fontalvo, M; Barboza-Palomino, M; Yuan, Q; Mendes, R; Rusli, R; Ramezani, S; Useche, SA; de Aquino, SD; Tsubakita, T; Volkodav, T; Rinne, T; Enea, V; Wang, Y; King, M
2020-09-01An international comparison of pool lifeguard requirements and qualificationsDemant, D; Peden, A; Lam, W
2019-07-15Applying critical appraisal tools in the context of the pedagogy of peer-learningBaker, P; Demant, D
2022-10-26Assessing Gender Dysphoria: Development and Validation of the Gender Preoccupation and Stability Questionnaire - 2nd Edition (GPSQ-2).Bowman, SJ; Hakeem, A; Demant, D; McAloon, J; Wootton, BM
2022-11-28Association Between Body Mass Index Variation and Early Mortality Among 834 Ethiopian Adults Living with HIV on ART: A Joint Modelling Approach.Alebel, A; Sibbritt, D; Petrucka, P; Demant, D
2022Bayesian spatial analysis of factors influencing neonatal mortality and its geographic variation in Ethiopia.Kibret, GD; Demant, D; Hayen, A
2017-01-01Differences in substance use between sexual orientations in a multi-country sample: Findings from the Global Drug Survey 2015Demant, D; Hides, L; Kavanagh, DJ; White, KM; Winstock, AR; Ferris, J
2018-06-01Do people with intersecting identities report more high-risk alcohol use and lifetime substance use?Demant, D; Oviedo-Trespalacios, O; Carroll, JA; Ferris, JA; Maier, L; Barratt, MJ; Winstock, AR
2021-12-14Does undernutrition increase the risk of lost to follow-up in adults living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa? Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis.Alebel, A; Demant, D; Petrucka, P; Sibbritt, D
2019-09-16Effects of LGBT Community Connectedness and Participation on Sexual Health in International MSM StudentsDemant, D; Kang, M
2018-06-01Effects of participation in and connectedness to the LGBT community on substance use involvement of sexual minority young peopleDemant, D; Hides, L; White, KM; Kavanagh, DJ
2021-01-04Effects of undernutrition on mortality and morbidity among adults living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Alebel, A; Demant, D; Petrucka, P; Sibbritt, D
2022-03-07Effects of undernutrition on opportunistic infections among adults living with HIV on ART in Northwest Ethiopia: Using inverse-probability weightingAlebel, A; Demant, D; Petrucka, P; Sibbritt, D
2022-06-09Geographical accessibility of emergency neonatal care services in Ethiopia: analysis using the 2016 Ethiopian Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care Survey.Kibret, GD; Demant, D; Hayen, A
2022-08Glycaemic control and its associated factors in patients with type 2 diabetes in the Middle East and North Africa: An updated systematic review and meta-analysis.Al-Ma'aitah, OH; Demant, D; Jakimowicz, S; Perry, L
2019-07-01Harmless? A hierarchical analysis of poppers use correlates among young gay and bisexual menDemant, D; Oviedo-Trespalacios, O
2022-11-09Incidence and predictors of mortality among adolescents on antiretroviral therapy in Amhara Region, Ethiopia: a retrospective cohort analysis.Leshargie, CT; Demant, D; Burrowes, S; Frawley, J
2021-12-01Information-Seeking Behaviours in Australian Sexual Minority Men Engaged in ChemsexDemant, D; Carroll, J-A; Saliba, B; Bourne, A
2018-09-01LGBT communities and substance use in Queensland, Australia: Perceptions of young people and community stakeholdersDemant, D; Hides, L; White, KM; Kavanagh, DJ