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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Multiattribute Benefits-Based Choice Model with Multiple Mediators: New Insights for PositioningBurke, PF; Eckert, C; Sethi, S
2023-01-01Addressing Endogeneity Without Instrumental Variables: An Evaluation of the Gaussian Copula Approach for Management ResearchEckert, C; Hohberger, J
2022-01-25Analysis of on-pack messages for e-liquids: a discrete choice study.Hoek, J; Gendall, P; Eckert, C; Louviere, J; Ling, P; Popova, L
2009-01Bridging the gap between ACA and CBC - The relevance of task and context effects for choice simulatorsEckert, C; Klapper, D
2016-10-01Complementarity of internal and external R&D: is there a difference between product versus process innovations?Krzeminska, A; Eckert, C
2009-01Data and Design for Choice Models in MarketingEckert, C
2017-02-01Default and naive diversification heuristics in annuity choiceBateman, H; Eckert, C; Iskhakov, F; Louviere, J; Satchell, S; Thorp, S
2016-07-01Developing new financial literacy measures to better link financial capability to outcomesLouviere, J; Bateman, H; Thorp, S; Eckert, C
2013-03-20Disengagement: A Partial Solution to the Annuity PuzzleBateman, H; Eckert, C; Geweke, J; Iskhakov, F; Louviere, JJ; Satchell, SE; Thorp, S
2016-11-01Dissuasive cigarette sticks: The next step in standardised (‘plain’) packaging?Hoek, J; Gendall, P; Eckert, C; Louviere, J
2008-01Dynamische Aspekte im Kaufverhalten: Die Determinanten von Kaufzeitpunkt, Marken- und MengenwahlEckert, C
2018-09-01Estimating the effects of novel on-pack warnings on young adult smokers and susceptible non-smokersGendall, P; Eckert, C; Hoek, J; Louviere, J
2016-11-01Estimating the ‘consumer surplus’ for branded versus standardised tobacco packagingGendall, P; Eckert, C; Hoek, J; Farley, T; Louviere, J; Wilson, N; Edwards, R
-EXPRESS: Spotlight Personnel: How Hiring and Turnover Drive Service Performance versus DemandEckert, C; van Heerde, HJ; Wetzel, HA; Hattula, S
2012-03-01Financial Competence and Expectations Formation: Evidence from AustraliaBateman, H; Eckert, C; Geweke, J; Louviere, J; Thorp, S; Satchell, S
2013-03-01How much does a company's reputation matter in recruiting?Auger, P; Devinney, TM; Dowling, GR; Eckert, C; Lin, N
2018-06-01Individual Capability and Effort in Retirement Benefit ChoiceBateman, H; Eckert, C; Iskhakov, F; Louviere, J; Satchell, S; Thorp, S
2014-06-22Individual Judgment and Trust Formation: An Experimental Investigation of Online Financial AdviceAgnew, JR; Bateman, H; Eckert, C; Iskhakov, F; Louviere, JJ; Thorp, S
2016-07-15Inertia and discounting in the selection of socially responsible investments: An experimental investigationAuger, P; Devinney, T; Dowling, G; Eckert, C