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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Action research remodelled in a competitive, profit-oriented sector: teachers’ and managers’ perspectivesEdwards, E; Ellis, NJ
2016-05-03Action research to support teachers’ classroom materials developmentEdwards, E; Burns, A
2020-01-01The ecological impact of action research on language teacher development: a review of the literatureEdwards, E
2019Embedding language across the university and through the curriculum: implementing the EEL projectGoldsmith, R; Edwards, E; Griffiths, N; Havery, C; Hunter, K; Nixon, D; Yeo, J
2018-01-01Embracing action research: Current tensions and possible directionsEdwards, E
2019Emerging findings from the UTS Embedding English Language ProjectEdwards, E; Goldsmith, R; Griffiths, N; Havery, C; Hunter, K; Nixon, D; Yeo, J
2019-06-01English language teachers' agency and identity mediation through action research: A Vygotskian sociocultural analysisEdwards, E; Kayi-Aydar, H; Gao, XA; Miller, E; Varghese, M; Vitanova, G
2021Journal of Academic Language and LearningEdwards, E; Goldsmith, R; Havery, C; James, N
2016-01-01Language teacher action research: Achieving sustainabilityEdwards, E; Burns, A
2019-11-01Language teacher research: Managers' perceptions of the micro, meso and macro levels of developmentEdwards, E
2016-09-01Language Teacher–Researcher Identity Negotiation: An Ecological PerspectiveEdwards, E; Burns, A
2021-05-01Mentoring teachers to research their classrooms: A practical handbookEdwards, E
2021-11-18Methodology for demonstrating the impact of a university-wide language development programGoldsmith, R; Edwards, E; Havery, C; James, N; Mort, P; Murphy, A; Nixon, D; O'Donoghue, G
2015-01-01Theorizing and Studying the Language-Teaching Mind: Mapping Research on Language Teacher CognitionBurns, A; Freeman, D; Edwards, E