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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-31Academic Scholars and ConferencesFoley, C; Edwards, D; Weber, K
2021-01-28ActivateUTS and Student Success Report 2020Foley, C; Hergesell, A; Darcy, S; Almond, B
2019-10-01Algorithmic management: The case of AirbnbCheng, M; Foley, C
2015-01-01"All Shook Up" at the parkes elvis festival: The role of play in eventsJonson, PT; Small, J; Foley, C; Schlenker, K
2017-01-02The art of wasting time: sociability, friendship, community and holidaysFoley, C
2015-06-01Asian incentive events in New South Wales: expenditure and retail impactEdwards, DC; Foley, C; Hergesell, A
2021-01-31Business Event Legacies Global Industry Case StudiesFoley, C; Edwards, D; Weber, K
2019-05-31Business Event Legacies: JMIC Case Study Project ReportFoley, C; Edwards, D; Jasovska, P; Hergesell, A
2021-10-31Business Events and DiplomacyFoley, C; Edwards, D; Weber, K
2014-01-01Business events and friendship: Leveraging the sociable legaciesFoley, C; Edwards, D; Schlenker, K
2021-10-31Business Events and InnovationFoley, C; Edwards, D; Weber, K
2021-10-31Chapter 1 IntroductionFoley, C; Edwards, D; Weber, K
2021-10-31Chapter 2 Conferences as Catalysts for Thriving EconomiesFoley, C; Edwards, D; Weber, K
2021-10-31Collaboration, Partnerships and Sustainable DevelopmentFoley, C; Edwards, D; Weber, K
2020-06-30Conferences in a Covid-19 WorldEdwards, D; Foley, C; Hergesell, A
2019-08-01Design, architecture and the value to tourismScerri, M; Edwards, D; Foley, C
2013-09-17Determining business event legacies beyond the tourism spend: An Australian case study approachFoley, C; Schlenker, K; Edwards, D; Lewis-Smith, L
2015-01-01The development of female Muslim life-saversMaxwell, H; Foley, C; Taylor, T; Burton, C
2016-07-01Direct expenditure attributable to business events in New South Wales 2014-2015Foley, C; Edwards, D; Hergesell, A