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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-01Comparison of ECOG/WHO performance status and ASA score as a measure of functional statusYoung, J; Badgery-Parker, T; Dobbins, T; Jorgensen, M; Gibbs, P; Faragher, I; Jones, I; Currow, D
2023-03Establishing a Longitudinal Opioid Pharmacogenomic Registry for Cancer Patients: Feasibility and Acceptability.Philip, J; Wong, A; Pasanen, L; Somogyi, AA; Rubio, J; Klepstad, P; Collins, A; Gibbs, P; Le, B
2022-05-04Lynch syndrome testing of colorectal cancer patients in a high-income country with universal healthcare: a retrospective study of current practice and gaps in seven australian hospitals.Steinberg, J; Chan, P; Hogden, E; Tiernan, G; Morrow, A; Kang, Y-J; He, E; Venchiarutti, R; Titterton, L; Sankey, L; Pearn, A; Nichols, C; McKay, S; Hayward, A; Egoroff, N; Engel, A; Gibbs, P; Goodwin, A; Harris, M; Kench, JG; Pachter, N; Parkinson, B; Pockney, P; Ragunathan, A; Smyth, C; Solomon, M; Steffens, D; Toh, JWT; Wallace, M; Canfell, K; Gill, A; Macrae, F; Tucker, K; Taylor, N
2020-03-13Papua New Guinea: Journey to AmbulluaMcKenna, K; Gibbs, P; Yakam, L; Ulno, J
2019-05-01Perception of the public on the law as a deterrent to sorcery accusation related violence, Madang Province, PNGMcKenna, K; Gibbs, P; Yakam, L
2019-07-29A reflection on compassionDe Santolo, J; Özbilgin, M; Bartels-Ellis, F; Gibbs, P
2021-08-02Social perspectives of different age and gender groups in selected communities in Western Highlands, Jiwaka and Madang Provinces, in PNGMcKenna, K; Yakam, L; Gibbs, P; Ezekiel Toimb, J; Ulno, J
2016-03The rapidly escalating cost of treating colorectal cancer in Australia.Ananda, S; Kosmider, S; Tran, B; Field, K; Jones, I; Skinner, I; Guerrieri, M; Chapman, M; Gibbs, P
2021-05-03The social perspectives of different age and gender groups in Dimer community, Madang province, Papua New GuineaMcKenna, K; Gibbs, P; Yakam, L; Philip, J; Sidney, S; Pitala, I
2018-09-07Transdisciplinary Theory, Practice and Education: The Art of Collaborative Research and Collective LearningFam, DM; Neuhaser, L; Gibbs, P; Fam, DM; Nuehauser, L; Gibbs, P
2018-01-01Transdisciplinary theory, practice and education: The art of collaborative research and collective learningFam, D; Neuhauser, L; Gibbs, P