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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Addressing Graduate Competencies: Understanding the Contextual Factors Impacting the Engineering DisciplineThebuwana, H; Hadgraft, R; Alam, F
2019-01-29Assessment Design for Studio-Based LearningBraun, R; Brookes, W; Hadgraft, R; Chaczko, Z
2007-01Building Better Teams at Work using Self and Peer Assessment PracticesWilley, K; Gardner, AP; Sondergaaer, H; Hadgraft, R
2017-08-31Building Global Awareness in Remote LocationsLawson, J; Hadgraft, R; McLaughlin, P; Kennedy, B
2013-01-01Change strategies for educational transformationReidsema, C; Hadgraft, R; Cameron, I; King, R
2017-01-01Flipping on a shoestring: A Case Study of Engineering Mechanics at the University of Technology SydneyGardner, AP; Reidsema, C; Kavanagh, L; Hadgraft, R; Smith, N
2015-01-01Getting it right: The case for supervisors assessing process in capstone projectsLawson, J; Rasul, MG; Howard, P; Martin, F; Hadgraft, R; Jarman, R
2018-06-26The global canopy: Propagating discipline-based global mobilityMcLaughlin, P; Baglin, J; Chester, A; Davis, P; Saha, S; Mills, A; Poronnik, P; Hinton, T; Lawson, J; Hadgraft, R
2022-01-01Innovating Engineering Education at Greenfield Sites: Transferable Insights from Doblin's Model of InnovationBoyle, F; Hadgraft, R; Lindsay, E; Ulseth, R
2015-01-01Learning and teaching approaches and methodologies of capstone final year engineering projectsRasul, MG; Lawson, JJ; Howard, P; Martin, F; Hadgraft, R
2020-03-23Learning-centred translucence: An approach to understand how teachers talk about classroom dataPrestigiacomo, R; Hadgraft, R; Hunter, J; Locker, L; Knight, S; Van Den Hoven, E; Martinez-Maldonado, R
2017-01-11Linking materials science and engineering curriculum to design and manufacturing challenges of the automotive industryDaver, F; Hadgraft, R
2016-11-28Position paper: BE(Hons) data engineeringBraun, R; Brookes, W; Chaczko, Z; Hadgraft, R
2007-01Remote Laboratories in Engineering Education: Trends in Students' PerceptionsLindsay, E; Liu, D; Murray, SJ; Lowe, DB; ndergaard, HS; Hadgraft, R
2019-12-31Renewing Mechanical and Mechatronics ProgramsHadgraft, R; Francis, B; Brown, T; Fitch, R; Halkon, B
2016-01-01Strategies for education for sustainable development - Danish and Australian perspectivesEgelund Holgaard, J; Hadgraft, R; Kolmos, A; Guerra, A
2021-01-01Student Learning Outcomes from Work placement: A Systematic Literature ReviewSabry, M; Gardner, A; Hadgraft, R
2022-12-04Student Reflections on Experiences in Curriculum DesignFarrugia, E; Machet, T; Boye, T; Hadgraft, R; Tomc, E
2019-09-01Studios in de and EE at UTS: Structure and rationaleBraun, R; Bone, D; Brookes, W; Trede, F; Hadgraft, R
2019-01-01Summer studios - Lessons from a 'small bet' in student-led learningHadgraft, R; Francis, B; Lawson, J; Jarman, R; Araci, JT