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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-25A comparison of Geelong Inner track with Sandown Park trackEager, D; Hossain, I
2021-11-04A Measurement of 'Walking-the-Wall' Dynamics: An Observational Study Using Accelerometry and Sensors to Quantify Risk Associated with Vertical Wall Impact Attenuation in Trampoline Parks.Hossain, I; Zhou, S; Ishac, K; Lind, E; Sharwood, L; Eager, D
2021-01-29A review of the genome, epidemiology, clinical features, prevention, and treatment scenario of COVID-19: Bangladesh aspectsNoman, AA; Islam, S; Sana, S; Mondal, P; Meem, RI; Rana, S; Mondol, D; Sana, M; Hossain, I; Joarder, T; Mazumder, K
2017-11-27Alternative Trackdesigns for Tweed Heads (Options A – D)Hossain, I; Hayati, H; Eager, D
2021-09-14Analysis of Racing Greyhound Path Following Dynamics Using a Tracking SystemEager, D; Hossain, I; Ishac, K; Robins, S
2008-01Contract duration and the division of labor in agricultural land leasesYoder, J; Hossain, I; Epplin, F; Doye, D
2009-05-01Decisions about Pap tests: What influences women and providers?Fiebig, DG; Haas, M; Hossain, I; Street, DJ; Viney, R
2020-11-30Devonport, Launceston and Hobart greyhound tracks - A preliminary review of the track shapes, cross-falls, race dynamics and injury ratesEager, D; Hayati, H; Hossain, I
2021-01-11GBGC 2-turn track - Analysis of track radii and greyhound weightEager, D; Hossain, I
2020-11-30Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre - Analysis of 6 starts for the 2-turn trackEager, D; Hossain, I
2019-07-20Horsham Track Renovation AnalysisEager, D; Mahdavi, F; Stephenson, R; Hossain, I; Thomas, N
2020-04-09Inner Geelong Greyhound track -- An investigation into the finishing option for the lowest injury rate: Catching Pen v Finish-On-Lure (in response to COVID-19)Eager, D; Mahdavi, F; Hossain, I
2022-05-24Investigating the Knuckleball Effect in Soccer Using a Smart Ball and Training Machine.Eager, D; Ishac, K; Zhou, S; Hossain, I
2022-04-11Investigation into the Trampoline Dynamic Characteristics and Analysis of Double Bounce Vibrations.Eager, D; Zhou, S; Ishac, K; Hossain, I; Richards, A; Sharwood, LN
2018-01-01A novel software-defined networking controller: The Distributed Active Information Model (DAIM)Pupatwibul, P; Banjar, A; Hossain, I; Braun, R; Moulton, B
2007-07-01Patient preferences for managing asthma: Results from a discrete choice experimentKing, MT; Hall, J; Lancsar, E; Fiebig, D; Hossain, I; Louviere, J; Reddel, HK; Jenkins, CR
2003-01Planting date influence on dual-purpose winter wheat forage yield, grain yield and test weightHossain, I; Epplin, F; Krenzer, EG
2017-03-01A preliminary investigation into the Cranbourne Track for GRVEager, D; Hayati, H; Hossain, I
2019-08-28A preliminary investigation into the effect of the number of turns and bend starts on injury rates within the greyhound industryEager, D; Mahdavi, F; Stephenson, R; Hossain, I
2023-11-01Process optimization study on the feedstock derived from Cerbera odollam seedsBibin, C; Sheeja, R; Devarajan, Y; Raja, T; Hossain, I; Ouladsmane, M; Kalam, MA