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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-05-01A Divide-and-conquer Solution to 3D Human Motion Estimation from Raw MoCap DataTang, J; Li, L; Hou, J; Xin, H; Yu, X
2023-08-08Amorphous MOFs for next generation supercapacitors and batteriesWang, W; Chai, M; Lin, R; Yuan, F; Wang, L; Chen, V; Hou, J
2017-12-03Beyond a “spectator sport”: Social media for university engagement and community buildingHou, J; Macnamara, JR
2022-02-10Binder-free mechanochemical metal-organic framework nanocrystal coatings.Lin, R; Yao, Y; Zulkifli, MYB; Li, X; Gao, S; Huang, W; Smart, S; Lyu, M; Wang, L; Chen, V; Hou, J
2016-12-15Biocatalytic gas-liquid membrane contactors for CO<inf>2</inf> hydration with immobilized carbonic anhydraseHou, J; Zulkifli, MY; Mohammad, M; Zhang, Y; Razmjou, A; Chen, V
2016-07-08Biodesalination-On harnessing the potential of nature's desalination processes.Taheri, R; Razmjou, A; Szekely, G; Hou, J; Ghezelbash, GR
2020-02-01Cause analysis for a new type of devastating flash floodHou, J; Li, B; Tong, Y; Ma, L; Ball, J; Luo, H; Liang, Q; Xia, J
2022-11-01Cross-regional electricity and hydrogen deployment research based on coordinated optimization: Towards carbon neutrality in ChinaJin, C; Xiao, J; Hou, J; Jiang, H; Zhang, J; Lv, X; Sun, W; Jiang, H; Du, E; Fang, Y; Zhou, Y; Shi, X
2017-01-01Direct immobilization of laccase on titania nanoparticles from crude enzyme extracts of P. ostreatus culture for micro-pollutant degradationJi, C; Nguyen, LN; Hou, J; Hai, FI; Chen, V
2021-04-01Economics of Strategic Network Infrastructure Sharing: A Backup Reservation ApproachHou, J; Sun, L; Shu, T; Xiao, Y; Krunz, M
2017-12-01Gold/silver decorated magnetic nanostructures as theranostic agents: Synthesis, characterization and in-vitro studyAbbasi Kajani, A; Bordbar, AK; Zarkesh-Esfahani, SH; Razmjou, A; Hou, J
2019Greedily assemble tandem repeats for next generation sequencesJiang, Y; Lu, J; Hou, J; Zhou, W
2017-10-01Impact of wastewater derived dissolved interfering compounds on growth, enzymatic activity and trace organic contaminant removal of white rot fungi – A critical reviewAsif, MB; Hai, FI; Hou, J; Price, WE; Nghiem, LD
2022-12-01Improvement Strategies toward Stable Lithium-Metal Anodes for High-Energy BatteriesHou, J; Yang, M; Sun, B; Wang, G
2019-12Improving Recommender Systems Accuracy in Social Networks Using PopularityMajbouri Yazdi, K; Majbouri Yazdi, A; Khodayi, S; Hou, J; Zhou, W; Saedy, S; Rostami, M
2011-01-01Influence of Cutting Speed on Flank Temperature during Face Milling of Magnesium AlloyHou, J; Zhao, N; Zhu, S
2018-01-01Integrating ant colony algorithm and node centrality to improve prediction of information diffusion in social networksMajbouri Yazdi, K; Yazdi, AM; Khodayi, S; Hou, J; Zhou, W; Saedy, S
2023-11-22Interfacial alloying between lead halide perovskite crystals and hybrid glasses.Li, X; Huang, W; Krajnc, A; Yang, Y; Shukla, A; Lee, J; Ghasemi, M; Martens, I; Chan, B; Appadoo, D; Chen, P; Wen, X; Steele, JA; Hackbarth, HG; Sun, Q; Mali, G; Lin, R; Bedford, NM; Chen, V; Cheetham, AK; Tizei, LHG; Collins, SM; Wang, L; Hou, J
2023-08-17Ion transport and conduction in metal-organic framework glassesChai, M; Chen, R; Xu, K; Chen, Y; Ma, S; Lin, R; Chen, V; Hou, J
2021-07-01Leakage-Free Dissemination of Authenticated Tree-Structured Data with Multi-Party ControlLiu, J; Hou, J; Yang, W; Xiang, Y; Zhou, W; Wu, W; Huang, X