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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09-12A Ce-UiO-66 Metal-Organic Framework-Based Graphene-Embedded Photocatalyst with Controllable Activation for Solar Ammonia Fertilizer Production.Liu, S; Teng, Z; Liu, H; Wang, T; Wang, G; Xu, Q; Zhang, X; Jiang, M; Wang, C; Huang, W; Pang, H
2022-09-12A Ce‐UiO‐66 Metal–Organic Framework‐Based Graphene‐Embedded Photocatalyst with Controllable Activation for Solar Ammonia Fertilizer ProductionLiu, S; Teng, Z; Liu, H; Wang, T; Wang, G; Xu, Q; Zhang, X; Jiang, M; Wang, C; Huang, W; Pang, H
2022-06-01A machine learning approach for predicting human shortest path task performanceCai, S; Hong, SH; Xia, X; Liu, T; Huang, W
2021-02-08A Novel IoT Based Positioning and Shadowing System for Dementia Training.Hung, L-P; Huang, W; Shih, J-Y; Liu, C-L
2020-06A Radial Visualisation for Model Comparison and Feature IdentificationZhou, J; Huang, W; Chen, F
2022-06-01A review on communication cues for augmented reality based remote guidanceHuang, W; Wakefield, M; Rasmussen, TA; Kim, S; Billinghurst, M
2022-07-15A sentinel-2-based triangular vegetation index for chlorophyll content estimationQian, B; Ye, H; Huang, W; Xie, Q; Pan, Y; Xing, N; Ren, Y; Guo, A; Jiao, Q; Lan, Y
2021A Survey of Facial Capture for Virtual RealityWen, L; Zhou, J; Huang, W; Chen, F
2020-09A User Study of a Gaze Window User InterfaceKim, S; Billinghurst, M; Lee, G; Huang, W
2017-08-18Accurate simulation of thin dielectric sheet by higher order surface integral equationRen, Y; Zhao, SW; Zhang, HS; Huang, W; Liu, YH; Xu, KD; Li, JH
2011-12-09Aesthetic of angular resolution for node-link diagrams: Validation and algorithmHuang, W; Huang, M; Lin, CC
2012-12-17An aggregation-based approach to quality evaluation of graph drawingsHuang, W; Lin, CC; Huang, ML
2022-08An assessment of transmission dynamics via time-varying reproduction number of the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic in Fiji.Lal, R; Huang, W; Li, Z; Prasad, S
2019-01-01Applying graph centrality metrics in visual analytics of scientific standard datasetsHua, J; Huang, ML; Huang, W; Zhao, C
2019-07-01AqVision: A tool for air quality data visualisation and pollution-free route tracking for smart cityForkan, ARM; Kimm, G; Morshed, A; Jayaraman, PP; Banerjee, A; Huang, W
2016-09-23Atomically thin lateral p-n junction photodetector with large effective detection areaXu, ZQ; Zhang, Y; Wang, Z; Shen, Y; Huang, W; Xia, X; Yu, W; Xue, Y; Sun, L; Zheng, C; Lu, Y; Liao, L; Bao, Q
2018-06-01Augmented 3D hands: a gesture-based mixed reality system for distributed collaborationHuang, W; Alem, L; Tecchia, F; Duh, HBL
2022-07-28Benefits of different combinations of aerobic and resistance exercise for improving plasma glucose and lipid metabolism and sleep quality among elderly patients with metabolic syndrome: a randomized controlled trial.Zhou, Y; Wu, W; Zou, Y; Huang, W; Lin, S; Ye, J; Lan, Y
2022-02-10Binder-free mechanochemical metal-organic framework nanocrystal coatings.Lin, R; Yao, Y; Zulkifli, MYB; Li, X; Gao, S; Huang, W; Smart, S; Lyu, M; Wang, L; Chen, V; Hou, J
2022Chronic Cervicitis and Cervical Cancer Detection Based on Deep Learning of Colposcopy Images Toward Translational Pharmacology.Huang, W; Sun, S; Yu, Z; Lu, S; Feng, H