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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Comparison of group O Rh(D)− red blood cell use in pregnant women across hospitals of various sizes and obstetric capabilities prior to the introduction of patient blood management guidelinesPatterson, JA; Hirani, R; Irving, DO; Nicholl, MC; Ford, JB
2019-01-01Completeness and accuracy of self-reported history of blood donation: results from a cohort of older adults in AustraliaKarki, S; Davison, TE; Thijsen, A; Gemelli, CN; Irving, DO; Wright, ST
2016-08-01Determining the effect of vein visualization technology on donation success, vasovagal symptoms, anxiety and intention to re-donate in whole blood donors aged 18–30 years: A randomized controlled trialWaller, D; Mondy, P; Brama, T; Fisher, J; King, A; Malkov, K; Wall-Smith, D; Ryan, L; Irving, DO
2016-09-01Hepcidin is a better predictor of iron stores in premenopausal women than blood loss or dietary intakeLim, KHC; Booth, AO; Nowson, CA; Szymlek-Gay, EA; Irving, DO; Riddell, LJ
2016-10-01Immunomodulation of inflammatory leukocyte markers during intravenous immunoglobulin treatment associated with clinical efficacy in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathyDyer, WB; Tan, JCG; Day, T; Kiers, L; Kiernan, MC; Yiannikas, C; Reddel, S; Ng, K; Mondy, P; Dennington, PM; Dean, MM; Trist, HM; dos Remedios, C; Hogarth, PM; Vucic, S; Irving, DO
2019-10Mortality and hospital readmissions in the first year of life after intra‐uterine and neonatal blood product transfusions: A population data linkage studyRandall, DA; Bowen, JR; Patterson, JA; Irving, DO; Hirani, R; Ford, JB